Lifestyle Brands
We strive to discover and nurture new premium brands and products for mothers and
babies/children. We truly believe that brands build their value as they evolve from unknown
to well known. We are committed to introducing innovative and fantastic new brands that
commit to excellence both in quality and value rather than attempting to launch already
well-established brands.
The concept of growing together underpins our entire business foundation.
The motto of our company is to develop and grow new quality brands or relatively unknown
brands that carry a commitment to our customers and possess tremendous potential to go
global. Through this experience, we pride ourselves on providing mothers and
babies/children with a safe, secure, homely and happy environment.
About Us
With the launch of Noodle and Boo in 2007,
we have successfully introduced relatively unknown brands such as SwaddleDesigns, Ergobaby, and Yamatoya which eventually evolved to be well-known and the most talked about baby brands, winning first place consecutively in the baby blanket, carrier, and furniture category in Korea. Ever since the company was founded, we have made continuous marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.
Efolium was founded by JB Lee
Launch of Noodle & Boo
Launch of SwaddleDesigns
Launch of Ergobaby
Launch of Yamatoya
Launch of Italtrike
Launch of Kissy Kissy
Launch of Pink Lining
Launch of Babyhome
Launch of Kathe Kruse
Launch of Bontoy
Launch of Baby Muffin
Launch of Pot de miel
Launch of Wheelybug
Launch of Blanc101
Launch of Mutsy
Company Profile
  • Company Name : EFOLIUM Co., Ltd.
  • Founder & CEO : JB LEE. a Wharton MBA alumnus
  • Number of Employees : 94
  • Company Address : 3-4F 151
  • Seochojungang-ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul 06596.
  • South Korea
  • Distribution Center : 7F Korea Integrated Freight Terminal Co., I-dong 451 Bugok-dong, Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do 435-736, South Korea
Noodle & Boo
Noodle & Boo® is the premier leader in luxury maternity and baby skin care. Noodle & Boo offers a comprehensive line of bath care, hair care and skin care products that nourish and protect sensitive skin. Products are made in the USA with the finest ingredients, and are safe and gentle enough to be used on newborns and during pregnancy.
Founded in 2002, SwaddleDesigns is a trusted brand that new and experienced parents love for the quality, style, affordability, longevity, and educational value. SwaddleDesigns offers a wonderful assortment of swaddling blankets, baby gifts and everyday essentials. It is recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas, parent educators, and has a loyal, enthusiastic following of moms and celebrities. SwaddleDesigns blankets are a real treat for baby care.
Founded in 2003, Ergobaby and its award-winning carriers were born out of the desire for mobility and comfort for both parent and baby, allowing parents to carry their baby from birth to toddler. Ergobaby now offers a broad range of innovative baby carriers and related products to help meet the needs of today’s parents and enable an active parenting lifestyle.
With around 90 years of experience and craftsmanship, Japanese furniture maker Yamatoya specializes in products for babies and kids. In just a few years since its first launch in Korea, their high chairs and kids’ items have gained immense popularity among Korean parents. With families’ health in mind, Yamatoya chooses only environment-friendly and well-tolerated materials, and their high chairs have been awarded with the Korean “Best Brand For Kids Index” (BBKI) award.
Babyhome has been creating quality baby products since 2005. Their products include bassinets,baby furniture, strollers and bed side rails. Founded in Spain, their line is currently sold in over 40 countries worldwide and they participate in 12 international trade shows/fairs. Emotion stroller has been selected as Best Everyday Stroller in the 2013 She Knows Parenting Awards.
ergoPouch was founded in 2009 by super sleep deprived mum Alina Sack. Alina was inspired to develop the first ergoPouch sleeping bag with her first son who was somewhat of a ‘challenged’ sleeper. Desperate to help the entire family get a better night's sleep, Alina got out her sewing machine and made him the very first ergoPouch sleeping bag. It worked. He could move around the cot without getting tangled and the bag kept him snug and sleeping peacefully all night. Today ergoPouch is a market leading and award-winning brand in Australia and the company’s products are now sold worldwide in countries/continents such as New Zealand, USA, Europe/UK and Asia.
Bontoy is a compound of French and English with the meaning of “good toy”. The Bontoy brand philosophy originates from parents’ care for their children, its most important value being the safety of one’s precious child. Bontoy is different from ordinary toys and playing with it, children can grow up healthy and foster their imagination. Bontoy Classic is a line of luxury vintage toys. Designed with attention to detail, these high quality toys give a special touch to every children’s room interior.
Pot de miel
Pot de miel, an exclusive brand for kids and children, is created to make your child feel special. Pot de miel is all about making my child shine and stand out. To meet the needs of today’s increasingly demanding and well-informed consumers, the brand was born in 2014. Pot de miel encourages innate curiosity in children with its products’ lovely colors and a variety of patterns. At the same time, the brand seeks to become one of the most influential kids-brands in Korea by constantly launching seasonal products. Pot de miel is always trying to understand the emotions and feelings of loving parents. Now with Pot de miel get ready to be transformed into a stylish mother and child!
Baby muffin
“Sweet Usability” is the word to express baby muffin. Together with a sound sleep in a drowsy afternoon, it is like tasting sweet chocolate muffin. Baby muffin was born to provide a piece with comfort and convenience. baby muffin is mainly developing useful accessories subsidiary to parenting for cold and hot seasons but have a will to go far beyond. To be a top brand within a category of functional accessory for babies and kids, baby muffin is listening to customers’ voice and seeking for new ideas.
BLANC101, an lifestyle brand for a family with children, was launched in 2014. We propose unique and basic lifestyle items that ooze glamour in an understated way. BLANC101 is created to suit different tastes. No need of an exaggeration of style. All thoughtfully designed with purpose of well-being and this concept permeates through our designs. Practical clothes don't need to be boring, and the key to great style starts with basic essentials. High quality materials, stylish design, affordable and reasonable price; the story all begins with BLANC101.
Distribution CHANNELS
We have an extensive nationwide distribution network throughout Korea, having more than 300 brick and mortar locations including 5 of our own shops. We take brand positioning and channel expansion strategy into consideration to select the best and most effective distribution channels for each brand. Each distribution channel relates to our brand strategies and management.
  • Department
    65 locations
    Shinsegae Department store
    Hyndai Department store
    (BB HOUSE)
  • Baby&Kids
    Chain Stores
    250 locations
    Toys R Us / Babys R Us
    Baby Park
    TWINKIDS 365
    Agabang Gallery
  • Baby Boutique
    and Road Shops
    100 locations
  • Dibambi
    2 locations
    Dibambi@Hyundai Dept. Pangyo
  • Duty Free
    8 accounts
    7 locations
    Shilla duty-free
    Lotte duty-free(Seoul/Busan)
    Donghwa duty-free
    Shinsegae duty-free
    Encore duty-free
    JTO duty-free
    The Grand duty-free
  • Online
    Shopping Malls
    10 Accounts
    Shinsegae Mall
    AK mall
We have successfully formed partnerships with global companies and locally influential companies to promote our brands and company.
We hope to expand our partnerships in the future.
Mercedes Benz
Dibambi VIP membership benefits are available for Mercedes Benz Club members.
W Seoul Walkerhill
Baby Me Package includes one night at the W hotel and complimentary products from SwaddleDesigns.
To HanaTour Flying Bebe customers with babies/children, Ergobaby carriers, BabyHome sweetkit free trial coupons and Noodle & Boo trial kits have been given out.
Daemyung Sono Felice Resort & Hotel
Special themed guest rooms including luxurious Dibambi room for babies/children
Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju
BabyHome Emotion stroller rental promotion and guests receive Noodle & Boo sunscreen products as promotional gifts.
Lotte Hotel Busan
Dibambi Package offers Ergobaby carriers, Noddle & Boo, Baby Home Emotion etc. and guests receive Noodle & Boo Essential care kit as gifts.
Westin Chosun Busan
An exclusive holiday promotion for Westin Chosun customers offering Westin Kids Club themed rooms decorated with Efolium products such as Italtrike and Kimochis.
Citi Bank
Customers who open up a new savings/checking account with Citibank will receive Dibambi gold membership benefits.
Ritz Carlton Seoul
Ritz Kids Package promotion featuring Dibambi products.
Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel
Babyhome Emotion stollers and Sweetkit baby high chairs are available for rental in guest rooms for hotel guests.Yamatoya baby high chairs are also available for rental at hotel restaurants.
Sheraton Grande Walkerhill
Babyhome Sweetkit baby high chairs, Dream baby cots and Bontoy ride-on toys are offered for guests at Sheraton's "Camping in the City". Babyhome Emotion strollers are also available for rental for hotel guests.
Grand Ambassador Seoul
Guests who purchase Grand Ambassador Hotel Babymoon Package will receive Swaddle Designs Duo Sets.
Park Hyatt Seoul
Guests who buy ‘First birthday party package will receive SwaddleDesigns Blankets and Baby bibs as promotional gifts.
Lotte Hotel Seoul, World, Jeju, Busan, Daejeon, Ulsan
Babyhome Emotion strollers, Dream baby cots and Side bed guards are available for rental to hotel guest with Dibambi packages.Babyhome Sweetkit baby high chairs are available for rental at hotel restaurants.
Podo Hotel Jeju
Maternity package provides Ergobaby Swaddler and Noodle & Boo Elasticity Oil from the mama line to pre-moms.
Ananti Penthouse Seoul
Pink Lining, an English lifestyle brand, in partnership with the Ananti Penthouse will offer coloring, clay art classes at the kids academy
Social responsibility is a part of our company ethics. Through various CSR activities, we cooperate with different organizations to make positive changes in our world.
Beautiful Store
Beautiful Store is a Korean non-profit organization in order to contribute to environmentally friendly changes in our society and support marginalized people. The profits from the charity event of Swaddle Designs were donated to Beautiful Store to the Hope Sharing Program.
Forest For Life
Forest for Life is an NGO association of people dedicated to preserving forests, so that the present and future generations can live in a clean and healthy environment. Ergobaby and Yamatoya donated a portion of profits for every consumer buying and Ergobaby Earth carrier and Yamatoya product to plant trees to the next generation kids.
The Whaleman Foundation
The Whaleman Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Hawaii dedicated to preserving and protecting our ocean world. A portion of the profit gained from the sales of Bontoy Friendimal in Korea is donated to The Whaleman Foundation to support the protection of whales.
SOS Children's Villages Korea
Every child deserves to be happy; BLANC101 CSR project planned to teach share, donation, and a good consumer to the next generation. The first project, Merry Christmas and Happy Together in last December with SOS Children's Villages Korea. The project was designed for disadvantaged children who barley prepare winter jackets with low clothing expense. When one customer bought one BLANC101 Lounge wear Christmas edition, one same lounge wear was donated to a child in SOS Children's Villages. Moreover, creative illustrators had made talents donations to the Christmas cards, and all profits was donated as clothing expense. BLANC101 CSR project will be continued in various way to fulfill our social responsibility.

Seoul National University of Children's Hospital
Seoul National University of Children's Hospital is the 1st and the most reliable medical and health care institution for children in Korea. A portion of the profit from the sales of Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier was donated to the Seoul National University of Children's Hospital in order to help children with rare disease.

Korean Animal Welfare Association(KAWA)
The Korean Animal Welfare Association is a Seoul located non-profit group dedicated to reduce suffering and create social changes for all animals in Korea. A portion of the profit gained from the sales of Bontoy Traveller in Korea is donated to KAWA to support their efforts in promoting animals rights.
Recruit & Careers
Here at Efolium we are always on the lookout for passionate and talented people who have a fresh and innovative spirit. The roles of our team of professionals stretch from creative design, sales, social media, marketing, customer service as well as sourcing and administration and finance. If you think Efolium is the right place for you, we would love to hear from you. Please send your CV and cover letter to / /
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Head Office
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Seocho-Gu, Seoul 06596 South Korea